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LED replacement light products

Lawsons Electrical Ltd has a wide experience in supplying the latest LED lighting to Commercial and Industrial facilities in Devon and Somerset. The energy efficiencies that can be obtained from the latest LED units is quite remarkable, while also offering value for money and the very brightest light.


The benefits of installing LED lights are many, this is a short overview of the main points to consider.



An LED has a significantly longer lifespan than other types of lighting. As they operate at consistently low heat levels there is no strain on the life of the bulb. This means that in most cases they will work for many thousands of hours more than other bulbs.


Energy Efficient

Due to the design of LED lights they are very efficient at turning the energy they produce into light. Around 70% of the energy of the bulb is turned into light. When you compare this to a traditional incandescent bulb which uses 90% of its energy to produce heat and only 10% to produce light you can understand why there are savings to be had. LEDs are also a safer option as they operate at very low heat levels, so the risk of being burnt by touching a bulb or of a bulb causing a fire when placed too close to furnishings – as in the case of the Windsor Castle fire which caused £36.5 million of damage is negligible.
They are also important in the fight against global warming as 160kg of CO2 are produced by just one 60w light bulb. Replacing just 10 bulbs would save 1599kg of CO2 emissions a year.


Better Quality & Instant Light

LEDs are just a brighter more intense light source compared to any other type of light. They do not take time to warm up and deliver instant, constant light.


Low Heat Emission

LED lights work differently to other types of bulbs. They produce their light by electromagnetism instead of heat so they operate at a much lower temperature than other light sources. This can mean a significant saving in electricity.


We can supply all the major manufacturers brands of LED light units, and happy to recommend particular light systems depending on every different building and requirement. Call us today for a free site visit on 0800 160 1989 or complete our contact form below.