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Electrical jobs for the Girls

The NICEIC have launched a scheme to help more women become electricians by providing a ‘Jobs for the Girls Bursary Scheme’.


The scheme has already provided £5,000 of funding to more than 20 women since its launch in February.


Emma Clancy, CEO of NICEIC, commented, “Over the last seven years, we have seen a marked increase in the number of women who come to us looking for help and assistance. Employers have also been in touch to see how they can attract more female candidates.
“Where possible we have provided access to training, technical information and opportunities with our registered contractors, but it has not always been possible to assist those who just need a helping hand along the way.


“Through this bursary, we have been able to offer practical and financial support and hopefully create a smoother route into the industry.
“If we can help out those women who are just starting out or inspire others who might be thinking about a career in the electrical industry, then we will be well on the way to addressing the gender imbalance directly.”


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Electricians in Style

Tradespeople like electricians rely on workwear to support them in all kinds of environments. They want functionality, durability and affordability to remain top priorities. However, there’s been a real rise in demand for workwear that helps to cultivate a professional – and even fashionable – image.


Workwear manufacturers Dickies say “the biggest challenge for us is to create functional, practical clothing – that also meets modern health and safety standards – with a stylish approach to design”.


Today’s electricians care about what impression they give off and want outfits that can see them from a job, to meeting a potential client, to the pub – they don’t want to look out of place when walking down the high street.


To meet this demand, Dickies have launched a Pro range, offering smart and durable workwear that doesn’t compromise on comfort and practicality. Available in five colour combinations, the two-tone collection includes trousers, jackets, T-shirts, caps and belts and can be worn as separates or as a coordinated outfit for a more professional finish.


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Botch Jobs Caught On Camera

Botch jobs and cowboy electricians who leave your home in a dangerous state are no laughing matter, but this group of professional electricians are taking a stand against bad workmanship, posting and shaming the poorly done jobs they have then repaired.


Professional Electrician and Installer is a site for industry professionals to read up on the latest news and regulation changes, but the site also features a Caught on Camera section for the pros to shame the botch jobs they have found around the country.


Take a look for yourself at some of the electrical horrors they have found here.


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LED vs Incandescent Light Bulbs

With the rise in the use of LED lightbulbs in every day life, Lawsons have a short guide to the differences and benefits provided by LED bulbs.


Traditional bulbs brightness is measured in watts, however with the advent of LEDs, brightness is now measured in lumens. Much to the effect the metric system had on the imperial system, lumens have now become the standard measurement for brightness.


LEDs typically require a far smaller wattage to produce the same brightness than incandescent light bulbs. This results in LEDs being a much more cost-effective option for lighting. As energy efficiency becomes more important in a sustainable world, manufacturers are exploiting the LED market and creating smarter variations to fit every possible purpose.


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Uk Carbon reductions

The UK is one of the most successful countries in making progress towards achieving its 2050 Emission target which is an 80% reduction on our 1990 level.


Bureau Veritas is about to launch its 18th Edition of Best Practice in July 2018, which will go beyond looking at just safety requirements and will now encompass energy saving as well.

The Part 8 section will go into detail on how we might use smart meters and electric cars as part of a solution to hit this target on time.