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How To Save Energy In The Kitchen


With Energy prices soaring this Summer, the kitchen is a room where we frequently go to each day, which means a lot of energy is used during week. However there are a few things you can do to ensure you can cut down on the amount used. For instance, something simple that can be done, is to change the lighting in the room. By changing to LED bulbs, it could make things cheaper overall. They will last a lot longer than standard lighting and produce less heat, therefore you will use a lot less energy. You will also find that measuring the right amount of water to boil is a good way of saving money, as overfilling a kettle will take longer and therefore use more energy. If you know you are likely to eat the same sort of thing throughout the week, batch cooking is also a good idea.


Microwaves are handy for quick meals and due to their small size, they are good for energy efficiency, particularly as they quicker too. You should also ensure that if you use your oven, that the door is closed as soon as possible to prevent heat from escaping. Heat can also escape from the top of the hob, so ensure the hob is covered properly with the right sized pan, turning the power low when it is at the correct temperature. Making sure you have a lid on top of a pan of water will also ensure it doesn’t take so long to boil. Any overflowing food can ruin the top of the oven. A dirty hob can affect the efficiency. Call us for more energy saving ideas in Exmouth and Solar PV in Exmouth.


The Dangers Of Incorrect Electrical Work


When getting electrical work done, you should always make sure it is an experienced professional doing it and not a ‘cowboy’ electrician. The potential for poor quality work is higher and therefore a risk to you and your home. Incorrect electrical work can be a fire hazard, which can not only cause a lot of damage, but also a life hazard. This could be created from a bad connection or a circuit that is under pressure. The lack of care during the work can increase the likelihood of electrical shocks from appliances.


To keep things validated insurance wise, any work done by someone (such as a rewiring) must meet all the right regulations and requirements. If this isn’t followed you may find your insurance is void and you may struggle to sell your home. If there are issues from a bad project, you may find it very pricey to correct. The only way to sort it is to get a qualified professional electrician to solve the problem and it can be expensive depending on how extensive the issues are, so when in doubt use a professional from the very start. Call Lawsons Electrical for all maintenance and Electricians in North Devon.


What Should I Do During A Power Cut?


Power cuts are frustrating, but can be a simple fix. If you go to your fuse box, your trip switch may be off. If this is the case, then just flipping it back on should bring the electricity back. However, if it keeps switching back off, it usually means something faulty is tripping the fuse. When this happens you need to unplug your appliances and reset it. Sometimes, it may not be your appliances that are the problem as it could be affecting the whole of your street. If your neighbours still have power and your fuse switch is on still, then you will need to get hold of an electrician. If you use an energy card or key then double check you have enough credit left before doing so, in case it’s as simple as needing a top up. Make sure you keep your fridge/freezer shut tight during this time, as the food should be fine for a while as long as it’s sealed properly. If only some of your house has lost power, then this is a partial power cut. It could be a wiring issue, so an electrician needs to be contacted.


If you have noticed any damage to power lines outside during the blackout, you need to contact someone straight away, especially if any cables are loose. If they are near the ground they could be live and this is very dangerous near damp grounds or metal. Ringing 999 to report it is your next step. Another danger is electrical fires. Knowing the location of the main switch is important, as you will need to cut the power straight away in an emergency. In case of Emergency, you can always call Lawson Electrical, the Electricians in North Devon.


The Importance Of Electrical Maintenance


Due to how crucial it is to have a safe environment, particularly when electricity is involved, you should always make sure someone with the right experience keeps an eye on maintenance. Using a professional who has the right training is best to ensure everything is done safely, as well as the ability to troubleshoot and repair. Electrical problems can injure and even potentially cause death and damage, so maintenance is extremely important. Regulations must be followed to keep things safe and secure, so a regular inspection is the best thing to do. A licensed professional electrician will be able to check all the electrical appliances at a suitable time. Wear and tear, breakages, overheating, broken and loose fittings or parts that may be missing will be checked over. Any older equipment will be checked to make sure there are no faults or bad circuits.


One important reason is to test how reliable the appliances are. There needs to be safety measures in place and any hazardous defects need to be sorted. As electrical fires are unfortunately one of the most common types, there should be protection against any potential damage to the building. Maintenance is not something that should be thought of lightly, due to the planning and skill it needs. It should be a recurring part of the schedule to keep things safe and secure.


The Advantages Of Electric Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating definitely has benefits! If you decide to get electric underfloor heating, it means the warmth will be distributed properly over the room, which means the heat will travel up from the floor, getting rid of cold areas. The energy efficiency of electric underfloor heating is also better than convectional heat, due to radiators generally giving out uneven heat, meaning more cold spots, hot heads, chilly feet and drafts. You will be paying out more money this way, as to match the optimum temperature you’ll have to keep changing it, causing heat to escape.


Comfort wise, having underfloor heating means if you get up in the middle of the night, or early in the morning, you won’t have cold feet! It is especially beneficial as it will give a comforting, equal temperature in your room. If you don’t have radiators, it means you have more wall space too, which is important in smaller rooms.


Electric underfloor heating doesn’t need to be left on constantly, due to being able to heat up efficiently within a quick response time. Radiators and water based underfloor heating needs some time to heat up and stay on for long periods. Electric underfloor heating also means you don’t need to worry about maintenance if fitted properly, which gives you peace of mind. If you require an Electrician in North Devon, call Lawsons electrical.


The Benefits of LED Lights


An LED light has a much greater life expectancy than a standard bulb, due to being energy efficient, having low levels of heat, and resilient. Even the cheaper LED bulbs will last around 3,000 hours longer than a standard bulb and if it is a decent one you are looking at around 25,000 hours.
Due to LED bulbs having greater lumen output than standard bulbs, they are able to produce light by using 70% of their energy. Other bulbs use up a lot of excess energy due to it turning into heat. A 6 watt LED light matches a 40 watt incandescent bulb with the amount of light and they are safer due to their cooler temperature. Incandescent lights can be a potential fire risk due to the amount of heat they give out. LED lights are also better for the environment due to less CO2 releasing. Aesthetically, you can have some lovely looking coloured bulbs that do not burn out after a while as it does not use filters or gels.
As LED bulbs are dependable and strong, they aren’t as fragile as standard bulbs. They don’t have filaments or other delicate features and are faster at brightening up than CFL lights. They are perfect for places with temperature changes, bad weather and outdoor areas. For more details on LED replacement lights in Exmouth, call Lawson electrical.


What Are the Benefits of Solar Power?

Solar panels are dependable, cost efficient (due to the free energy source) and simple to install. They are also eco-friendly (doesn’t create pollution) and creates low carbon energy. They are also low maintenance.
Fitting solar panels has decreased in cost over the last ten years, with a solar energy system priced as minimal as £4,000, though the average is around £6,000 (due to the size and fitting necessities).
In this modern day, the production of electricity from the sun is a natural, continual root of energy, that is attainable by numerous homeowners. One benefit is that despite the name, you don’t have to use a lot of sunlight for them to work.
Cost efficiency wise, you will save a lot of money on energy bills, as you are getting electricity that is generated in your own house, rather than coming from energy providers. You need to think about potential factors that may reduce energy though. For instance, if you have trees facing the roof, then the shade may affect the amount of power created. However, if you have thought about any potential issues, and your house is suitable, then it is definitely worth the investment. For a free site visit and quotation for solar PV in Exmouth and Devon, call today.


Subscribe to a green energy supplier to reduce your carbon footprints


It’s been making headlines and spearheading the modern world. Inexhaustible, or better said, green energy has been reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and saving clients change in their wallet.


What is green energy and why is switching to a green energy supplier beneficial for you and for the environment?


Green energy is energy that isn’t generated by fossil fuels. What are fossil fuels? Well they are types of energy that come from exhaustible resources such as coal. Therefore, green energy suppliers provide energy that is renewable, inexhaustible, and carbon neutral.


According to a press release on the UK government’s website, the country just made a £160 million investment to upgrade the national ports and grids in order to be able to support offshore wind energy. By 2050, the UK plans to only be operating off of green energy.


So what does this mean for you? Unless you work in the energy sector, the new government directive, , dated October 6, 2020, will not affect you directly. However, if you are generally interested in being sustainable, you can save money when you choose to switch to a green energy supplier. Bulb, for example, is quite competitive with one of the UK’s ‘big 6’ energy suppliers and is 100 percent green energy.


Who are the main green energy suppliers in the UK?


Whether you are in favor or not of the United Kingdom’s ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers, they are not on the leaderboard when it comes to green energy suppliers. It is because they do not provide many options for green gas. However, there are much smaller green energy suppliers that tend to have greener tariffs. These include, but are not limited to:




Widely considered as the greenest energy supplier on the market, Bulb’s electricity is 100 percent green and their gas 10 percent. Additionally, Bulb offsets the 90 percent of the regular gas consumption through renewable initiatives, such as investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions.


Octopus energy


As being a very green option for domestic energy, they provide 100 percent green electricity. However, their gas is not sustainably sourced.




If you want to go for the ‘Big 6’ without having to compromise on your plan’s green energy credentials, the nPower is your best bet. They provide 100 green electricity and aim to carbon offset.




As being the only vegan supplier on the market, they provide 100 percent green electricity and in part green as. They also carbon offset like Bulb does.


Green energy UK


Because they provide 100 percent green electricity AND gas, Green energy UK is considered the greenest energy supplier on the market. If your main priority is living sustainably, then this company is for you. However, they tend to be pretty pricey and have poor reviews online.


How and where do I find more information about green energy suppliers?


Navigating which green energy supplier best suits your needs can be tricky. However, fear not. There are a handful of comparison companies that are ready to help. For example, the energy experts at Switch Plan are more than happy to help you find a personalised and sustainable plan so that you can live green and do it economically. For more information on green energy, give them a call at 0330 054 0017.

Electrical jobs for the Girls

The NICEIC have launched a scheme to help more women become electricians by providing a ‘Jobs for the Girls Bursary Scheme’.


The scheme has already provided £5,000 of funding to more than 20 women since its launch in February.


Emma Clancy, CEO of NICEIC, commented, “Over the last seven years, we have seen a marked increase in the number of women who come to us looking for help and assistance. Employers have also been in touch to see how they can attract more female candidates.
“Where possible we have provided access to training, technical information and opportunities with our registered contractors, but it has not always been possible to assist those who just need a helping hand along the way.


“Through this bursary, we have been able to offer practical and financial support and hopefully create a smoother route into the industry.
“If we can help out those women who are just starting out or inspire others who might be thinking about a career in the electrical industry, then we will be well on the way to addressing the gender imbalance directly.”


Stay safe and make sure your electrical work is carried out by an accredited member of the NICEIC, contact Lawsons Electrical Ltd for all your electrical services


Electricians in Style

Tradespeople like electricians rely on workwear to support them in all kinds of environments. They want functionality, durability and affordability to remain top priorities. However, there’s been a real rise in demand for workwear that helps to cultivate a professional – and even fashionable – image.


Workwear manufacturers Dickies say “the biggest challenge for us is to create functional, practical clothing – that also meets modern health and safety standards – with a stylish approach to design”.


Today’s electricians care about what impression they give off and want outfits that can see them from a job, to meeting a potential client, to the pub – they don’t want to look out of place when walking down the high street.


To meet this demand, Dickies have launched a Pro range, offering smart and durable workwear that doesn’t compromise on comfort and practicality. Available in five colour combinations, the two-tone collection includes trousers, jackets, T-shirts, caps and belts and can be worn as separates or as a coordinated outfit for a more professional finish.


For a professional electrician in Exmouth, get in touch with Lawsons Electrical.


Botch Jobs Caught On Camera

Botch jobs and cowboy electricians who leave your home in a dangerous state are no laughing matter, but this group of professional electricians are taking a stand against bad workmanship, posting and shaming the poorly done jobs they have then repaired.


Professional Electrician and Installer is a site for industry professionals to read up on the latest news and regulation changes, but the site also features a Caught on Camera section for the pros to shame the botch jobs they have found around the country.


Take a look for yourself at some of the electrical horrors they have found here.


To ensure you’re hiring a professional electrician in Exmouth, talk to Lawson’s Electrical today.


LED vs Incandescent Light Bulbs

With the rise in the use of LED lightbulbs in every day life, Lawsons have a short guide to the differences and benefits provided by LED bulbs.


Traditional bulbs brightness is measured in watts, however with the advent of LEDs, brightness is now measured in lumens. Much to the effect the metric system had on the imperial system, lumens have now become the standard measurement for brightness.


LEDs typically require a far smaller wattage to produce the same brightness than incandescent light bulbs. This results in LEDs being a much more cost-effective option for lighting. As energy efficiency becomes more important in a sustainable world, manufacturers are exploiting the LED market and creating smarter variations to fit every possible purpose.


To change to more sustainable LED bulbs in your home, visit Lawsons Electricians in Okehampton.


Uk Carbon reductions

The UK is one of the most successful countries in making progress towards achieving its 2050 Emission target which is an 80% reduction on our 1990 level.


Bureau Veritas is about to launch its 18th Edition of Best Practice in July 2018, which will go beyond looking at just safety requirements and will now encompass energy saving as well.

The Part 8 section will go into detail on how we might use smart meters and electric cars as part of a solution to hit this target on time.